New structures

Design of veneer walls in multi storey buildings: Tie-wires, expansion joints, consolles, dpc, reinforcement, lintels and beams
Design of the veneer wall is a large part of the total project (even though it is often forgotten), but cracks and other damages are extremely visible and costly to repair.

Scrutinizing of projects: Drawings, details and descriptions
For many projects, where clay or AAC units is a part of the construction, either load – bearing or non – load bearing, it can be beneficial to get a 3. part view of the project to secure an up-date project regarding codes, building traditions, legislation, knowledge of typically damages and errors.

Design and statically calculations of: Detached houses and Multi storey buildings
I.e. Load bearing masonry with clay, AAC or lime – stone units. The design can be independent or more typically in cooperation with the overall designing engineer.

Existing buildings

Damages examination (cracks)
Masonry of clay and AAC is an unreinforced material and in some cases, cracks can occur due to errors in design, execution or the material. It is essential to establish the cause and the correct method of renovation to minimize the continued costs for renovation.

Determination of parameters of strengths in existing constructions planned for renovation 
During renovation and constructive changes of old masonry buildings it is necessary to get a qualified evaluation of the characteristic- and design parameters of strengths (using the X – drill and other test methods)

Statically calculations and design of existing masonry buildings
Older masonry constructions are often renovated and upgraded with balconies, openings for larger windows or an extra storey. In other cases energy- or constructive renovation is performed, i.e when internal steel beams, columns or tie – wires are corroded.

Company courses for architects in design of masonry 
The content could be:

  • New constructive methods, details, etc
  • Execution of damp proof course 
  • Expansions joints
  • Rules of design

Company courses for engineers in design of masonry 
The content could be:

  • The on – line computer program for design of masonry
  • New constructive rules, methods, details, etc
  • Rules of design according to EN 1996 – 1 – 1

The design program consist of necessary modules for calculating masonry constructions. To optimize the use of the program it can be necessary with guidance, sparring and knowledge of limitations and background material. 

Development of design programs 
For many unique calculation problems it is necessary to develop minor programs (spreadsheet), to determine the capacity for the different combinations of loads.