I have worked in the Danish Technological Institute for 25 years in the area of construction development of clay and AAC masonry and has been primus motor for a number of innovative projects: On – line program with statically modules for designing of masonry. The program was initiated in 1991 and released in a version 1.0 in 1993 at the 100 years birthday of the Clay and lime society of 1893 A database of all relevant knowledge related to masonry. Released in 1995.

Masonry details: A number of free construction details on the web. Include all details from basement to roof ridge. Released in 1995

X – drill: A devise using a calibrated wing drill to determine the mortar strength (fm) in existing masonry

Bond wrench EN 1052 – 5: Development of a simplified method to determine the adhesion in masonry. Now a European standard

Mobil Bond wrench: Development of a devise for in – situ determining the parameters of strength in masonry related to adhesion (fxk1fxk2fvk0)

Design of Masonry beams: A design model developed in co-operation with the clay brick industry

EPS columns: Construction element where the inner and outer leaf is connected to an EPS – core giving a narrow sandwich column with the same stabilizing effect as steel columns (and no thermal bridges)

Textbooks and articles

  • Text book in 4 volumes related to constructive, statically and design problems
  • A ”cookbook” guiding the engineer through design phase utilizing EN 1996 – 1 – 1.
  • Construction methods of middle age churches (design of arches and vaults)

All books are available on-line (in Danish only though)

Various articles: Expansion joint; Corroded tie wires; AAC or clay for inner leaf; Lintels and beams – possibilities, etc.


Consulting engineers and architects in design of structural masonry and veneer walls

Member of:

  • The European standardization committees for masonry: TC250/SC 6 og /WG1 og /PT1 (the latter is a group of 6 person writing a revised code EN 1996 – 1 – 1 applicable from 2020)
  • The Danish national mirror committee for masonry, where I am the Chairman
  • The Danish national mirror committee for the code for “Existing structures”